Durlon 8500 Gasket Material

DURLON® 8500 is excellent in steam, natural gas, soybean processing, and with new generation refrigerants.  A high quality general service gasket material for use in a wide range of services in pulp and paper, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, refinery, gas pipeline, and general industry.

DURLON® 8500 exhibits good compressibility and recovery, excellent sealability, flexibility, and cutting characteristics. DURLON® 8500 contains high-strength aramid and inorganic fibers bonded with high-grade Nitrile (NBR) rubber. Please contact Seal & Design for pricing and additional technical information.  

Serving the Air Propellent Gun Industry

There are several orings, u-cups, and other seals used in air pellet guns and air soft pellet rifles and pistols. These new style guns use environmentally friendly ammo and propellent gases and do not leave the mess of their paintball counterparts. There is even an air soft pellet grenade in the works for the future that has several seal components.

The components in the guns have come along way, providing much higher performance and FPS than in the past. Part of this success is the use of our high quality orings, quad rings, and u-cup seals. These components can be supplied in several different materials such as Viton, Nitrile, and Neoprene depending on the needs.

All these components are available from Seal & Design Inc.


2D Barcoding Capabilities

2d-bar-codesSeal & Design recently added customized 2D barcoding labeling options to meet a vendor’s specific packaging needs. The barcode on the right there is an example of a 2D barcode that you can actually scan.

If you need customized labeling solutions for your gaskets, orings, seals, or molded rubber we can work with you and provide a variety of labeling solutions.

Check out our full website, or give us a call at (716) 759-3344 and ask how we can help your business with customized labels for your parts.

Lockheed Martin Quality Audit

Lockheed Martin
Seal & Design has successfully passed a quality audit from Lockheed Martin, a leading global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company with worldwide interests.  Taken from the audit notes: “Seal & Design is an exceptional supplier. They meet all of the requirements of Lockheed Martin Supplier Quality Systems for Build to Print Suppliers…”.

Klinger ML-N562 Low Bolt-load Gasket

Seal & Design now offers Klinger ML-N562.  This material is a synthetic fiber and nitrile butadiene gasket material designed for difficult sealing applications with very low flange pressures or very rough surface finishes. It combines Multi-Layer Technology structure for exceptional low flange pressure sealability and exceptional torque retention together with a more compressible core. Multi-Layer Technology sheet products consist of a reinforced high density core with conformable sealing layers on each side.

Klinger ML-N562 provides heat and chemical resistance in coolant, lubricant, and hot air applications. Typical applications include automotive, marine, and small engine applications with intermittent operating temperatures up to 500° F (260° C). Please contact Seal & Design for additional information on this and all other Klinger products.