PORON® Nomenclature

Rogers Corporation’s PORON® is a microcellular open celled urethane foam with superior compression set resistance. It has long lasting spring force, low outgassing, is flame retardant, and can be used in a broad range of temperatures. PORON® is engineered for a variety of applications and offers high performance and sealing reliability.

Seal & Design is a Rogers Corporation Preferred Converter; we turn the PORON® raw material into any shape your application demands.

Here’s how to read a PORON® part number:

poron-nomenclature   4701 =  Market Prefix

   40     =  Formulation

   15     =  Density

   188   =  Thickness

   04     =  Color

Market Prefix 4701 – All Purpose
Formulation Series 30 – Very Soft
40 – Soft
50 – Firm
60 – Very Firm
Density 15 – 30 pcf
Thickness 17 – 500 mils
Color 04 – Black

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