Simriz FFKM

With Simriz® Perfluorelastomers,  Process Seals offers the processing industry the High-End solution in materials technology for sophisticated applications regarding media and temperature stability.

Simriz® features wide chemical stability, similar to that of PTFE, combined with the rubbery properties of an elastomer. Specially for the processing industry, Simriz® makes a complete product range of high class FFKM material available which set new standards regarding operational safety and durability. Apart from the Simriz® compounds for standard and high temperature applications, FDA and USP Class VI compliant versions are available which are optimally designed for use in food and beverage and pharmaceutical production.

General properties:

  • Universal stability like PTFE with the elastic advantages of an elastomer
  • High reliability for static and dynamic applications
  • Extremely high stability in aggressive media
  • Highly stable when used in polar and non-polar media, even at high concentration and temperature
  • Temperature range from -10 °C to +325 °C (Special types)
  • Reliable properties even with frequent temperature changes

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Siemens Award

siemens-bronze-awardAble Seal & Design recently received the SIEMENS BRONZE AWARD. The award is given to Siemens suppliers in recognition of energy efficiency and maintaining high environmental standards. This is a result of actively committing to energy efficiency and waste reduction.

The assessment was conducted by SIEMENS AG. The results were based on the data provided by the client and covered the following scope:

  • Energy Management Check resulting from a basic and management questionnaire and a remote consistency check and suggestions.
  • Energy Efficiency check resulting from a basic and technical questionnaire and a following consistency check and suggestions.
  • Environment check based on an environmental questionnaire and a carbon footprint assessment.

Congratulations everyone at Able Seal & Design!  We will continue to work hard to attain the highest standards of efficiency and environmental awareness while maintaining our customer satisfaction.

WNY Fast Track Award 2013

Biz First Award 2013Congratulations Seal & Design!

Seal & Design recently received a WNY Fast Track Award. The Fast Track Award, given by Business First, highlights Western New York’s fastest growing companies, who have shown a significant increase in the combination of revenue and number of employees.

Seal & Design has made the list consistently throughout the years the award has been given and was ranked 24th this year. We’re happy that our company’s hard work at improving our business and satisfying our customers has been recognized.

The award reception ceremony took place at Executive Airshare Hanger in the Buffalo Niagara Airport.  Company President Dean Penman accepted the award on behalf of our team.












Congratulations Seal & Design and keep up the good work!

Two Trade Shows, One Big Week

Beginning Tuesday May 14, both Seal & Design and Able Seal & Design will be showcasing all we have to offer at two different trade shows. Seal & Design will be attending Manufacturing Mart, The Supply Chain Trade Show, at the John S Knight Center in Akron Ohio May 14 and 15. Seal & Design recently added a satellite office in Akron, Ohio to service our growing customer base in the Mid-West and Ohio territory. Able Seal & Design will be attending Design & Manufacturing Canada at the Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto, Ontario May 14, 15, and 16.



Manufacturing Mart  is a matchmaker for manufacturers seeking to supply American made components, supplies and services. It also provides services for helping manufacturers improve efficiency,  increase profits and grow sales. We have grown to serve diverse customers and industries including automotive, medical, aerospace, power generation, pump and compressor, industrial valve, copier, defense and more. Our extensive catalog of seals, gaskets, o-rings and molded products will certainly contain something that meets your manufacturing requirements.


timthumbDesign and Manufacturing Canada provides access to four additional industry-related events taking place under the same roof. Meet with more than 400 additional suppliers featuring materials, equipment, systems, and services used in product design and development.


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Peek high performance plastic


PolyEtherEther-Ketone, or PEEK, is a high performance thermoplastic material that offers chemical and water resistant properties to seals. Peek seals are manufactured with peek material, and operate at much higher temperatures than other seals.  Seal & Design peek seals can be used consistently to a temperature of 500F without losing any physical properties, and since they are made with thermoplastic materials, they can be heated, cooled, and heated again without degradation. When high temperature and high pressure demand a high performance thermoplastic seal, peek seals meet the needs of various applications. A low co-efficient of friction, and a high wear resistance without lubricants, peek seals are insoluble in solvents such as oils, salts, and acids. Since the properties and materials that peek seals are manufactured from are important to their performance, peek seal materials must resist hardening, and maintain a long service life.

Seal & Design can provide custom peek seals that ensure optimal fluid control while eliminating leakage of your specific products. Our seals are engineered for static and dynamic applications and we utilize the latest research, technologies, and finest materials to provide our customers with optimum performance during demanding application conditions. Our peek sealing products include o-rings, lip seals, piston rings, wipers, and wear rings.