COVID-19 Face Shields

        As a custom high volume fabricator, Seal & Design is currently manufacturing large scale productions of disposable medical face shields.  All components are converted at our manufacturing plant in Clarence, New York, and available fully assembled or supplied as a DIY kit to assemble.


        Our premium disposable face shields are produced from an optically clear Medical Grade APET with an anti-fog coating to eliminate fogging of the lens.  A comfortable brow foam with pressure-sensitive adhesive seals off the top area so there are no gaps on the forehead.  An elastic strap stapled in place completes the shield.  These shields are easy to produce in high volume and protect the face from fluid splashes and sprays.

        These shields are currently being used by our front-line medical professionals in hospitals combatting the COVID-19 epidemic along with employees of many manufacturing plants, medical labs, grocery workers, and many others that require an added safeguard from potential hazards while working.


  • Coverage from top of the eyebrow to underneath the chin area
  • Can be worn in conjunction with glasses or goggles
  • Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear
  • One size fits all
  • Ease of assembly



If you are only interested in purchasing the components, they are easily assembled.  We cut the parts and you simply assemble them which could assist in keeping your employees working.  We have taken on so many orders that we would like to continue cutting parts to get these shields to market but need the help of our communities to assemble then sell through their existing client channels.  The elastic band will vary between white or black.  Based on availability lens thickness could be between .005″ – .020″ thick.  If you are in need of a specific size we can easily develop a new tool and custom cut to your detailed specifications.

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Made in the USA

COVID-19 Silicone Applications

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Silicone Engineering is a critical infrastructure industrial manufacturer, vital to national safety and defence.  We are also an essential COVID-19 component producer.  We have dedicated new processes and systems to support any COVID-19 related enquiries. We are elevating these enquiries and orders to a special priority and a fast track service to ensure fast production and dispatch.

Material Solutions

  • kSil® Solid Silicone Sheeting
  • kSil® Sponge Silicone Sheeting
  • expanSil™ Sponge Silicone Extrusions
  • suraSil™ & neutraSil™ Solid Silicone Extrusions

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COVID-19 Applications

Silicone Sponge Respirator Gasket

Situated on the outer rim of the respirator, the silicone sponge gasket compresses to create a seal between the face and the respirator.

Silicone Solid Breathing Valve Gasket

Contained within the breathing valve, the solid silicone washer is a vital component within the respirator.



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Silicone Sponge Dampening for Ventilators

Silicone sponge parts used to effectively dampen and absorb vibrations from ventilators and respirators.

Silicone Sponge Air Vent Gasket

Silicone sponge gasket used to seal and protect air vents in critical operating theatres.


COVID-19 Silicone Application Flyer (ES)

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Viton® is widely known for High Temperature and Chemical Resistance.  Seal & Design stocks AS568 and Metric size Viton® O-rings, and we have a variety of thickness’ of rolls to cut any standard or custom gasket.

Did you know we supply custom molded Viton® seals?

Different grades of Viton® are available starting with “A” (Commercial grade), B, FExtreme®(ETP) (Extreme Chemical Resistance) and a GFLT Low Temperature version. We also provide Viton® Sponge and Diaphragm material which we can cut to your specifications.

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Viton Gaskets


Seal & Design has been a Rogers Converter for over a decade.

Rogers’ Bisco Silicone Sponge is an industry leader in silicone sponge. The Bisco line of products have resistance to temperature extremes, UV, and ozone. Along with resistance to mechanical fatigue, great compression set and creep resistance. Bisco products also meet the highest UL flame rating.

Rogers’ Bisco Silicone Sponge is used in Aerospace, Automotive, Communication Infrastructure, High Speed Digital, Industrial, Medical, Mobile & Consumer Electronics, Power Electronics, Printing, Rail, Wind, and Solar Industries.

Contact Seal & Design to match the right product for your application. We can also manufacture current designs.

Cellular SiliconesSolid Silicones


Seal & Design has a large range of Halogen Free EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) shielding products. EMI is any frequency of electrical noise and RFI is a subgroup within EMI frequencies.

Our products range from Fabric Over Foam (equivalent to discontinued chromerics 5000), conductive foams and tapes.

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