PSA Lamination

laminator Seal & Design has a wide variety of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) laminating capabilities.  We laminate many materials, perform in-line sitting, and can accommodate both large and small quantities up to 60″ wide.  We also stock a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesive to meet your particular needs.  Our experienced sales engineers are happy to recommend which adhesive would work best with the substrate in your application.

Our PSA laminating experts can split raw material into custom thickness before the lamination process begins.  We are also capable of converting material with pressure sensitive adhesive into weatherstripping and insulation, gaskets, and many other end uses.  As a Preferred Rogers PORON converter with a close geographic proximity to the Rogers’ plant, we often perform lamination services for other gasket fabricators.

logo-3m-select-converter-lgWe are a 3M Select Converter and as such we have top quality 3M adhesives available.

O-ring and Molded Products Inspection Machine

Seal & Design is excited to O-Ring Inspection Machine announce its latest equipment acquisition: Another state-of-the-art Inspection Machine.

This piece of equipment adds to Seal and Design’s existing quality arsenal of high end inspection equipment. This equipment allows for the rapid, automated, inspection of o-rings and other molded rubber and plastic products.

Standard inspection machines can only inspect round parts. Our new equipment can inspect virtually any shape. The cameras in this vision system can check concentricity, ovality, and flash, as well as looking for inclusions and other defects. A laser check can also inspect for planarity and thickness. Molded o-rings and seals are then sorted into distinct compartments and a full statistical analysis is generated.

Seal & Design has the capability of 100% inspect of almost any molded seal. This is often required in automotive or aerospace applications, where dimensional certification is required. Visit our website to learn more about Seal & Design’s capabilities at