Seal & Design has successfully passed our ISO/TS16949:2009 re-certification audit!!! The objectives of this audit are to assess the adequacy, effectiveness & conformance of our quality management system, by assuring that our organization adheres to its policies & procedures, conforms with the requirements of the standard/technical specification and is effectively achieving its own objectives.

This certification audit was performed by NSF International and is geared to the automotive industry. This accomplishment continues to allow Seal & Design to grow and be recognized as a world class supplier of gaskets, seals, and o-rings. Seal & Design is the industry leader in challenging sealing solutions, and is the leader on the latest material developments in Viton®, Aflas®, Chemraz®, Simriz®, and other next generation elastomers.

New Viton O-Rings & Viton Gasket Pages

Seal & Design has recently updated our viton gasket and viton o-ring pages on our website to include the majority of compounds currently available in the market place. Our goal is to become a one-stop shop for information about Viton O-Rings, Viton Gaskets, and Viton Compounds. We have included PDF’s for each Viton elastomer so the physical properties can be viewed, and downloaded at your convenience.

Viton O-Rings 

Viton O-Rings Website


We’ve redesigned the Viton O-Ring page to make it easier to find information on different Viton products. You can also download PDFs for each Viton product.

Check out the new Viton O-Ring page now!



Viton Gaskets

Viton Gaskets Webpage Screenshot

On our viton gasket pages we have included Viton A,Viton B,Viton F, and Viton Extreme. Will also added Viton Sponge and Viton diaphragm sections. 

Check out the new Viton Gasket page today!

Let us know if what you think in the comments below or if you think we could improve our pages. We’re always looking for ways to help our customers get the information they need to make informed decisions about which o-ring, gasket, or seal would work best for their particular application.

O-ring and Molded Products Inspection Machine

Seal & Design is excited to O-Ring Inspection Machine announce its latest equipment acquisition: Another state-of-the-art Inspection Machine.

This piece of equipment adds to Seal and Design’s existing quality arsenal of high end inspection equipment. This equipment allows for the rapid, automated, inspection of o-rings and other molded rubber and plastic products.

Standard inspection machines can only inspect round parts. Our new equipment can inspect virtually any shape. The cameras in this vision system can check concentricity, ovality, and flash, as well as looking for inclusions and other defects. A laser check can also inspect for planarity and thickness. Molded o-rings and seals are then sorted into distinct compartments and a full statistical analysis is generated.

Seal & Design has the capability of 100% inspect of almost any molded seal. This is often required in automotive or aerospace applications, where dimensional certification is required. Visit our website to learn more about Seal & Design’s capabilities at

Seal & Design Open House 2011

Seal & Design Open HouseSeal & Design is having an open house on November 11, 2011 from 5 – 8 PM. Come out and check out our facility and see first-hand our state-of-the-art equipment. It’s a great opportunity to chat with the Seal & Design team and enjoy refreshments. You can call us at (716) 759-3344 or e-mail us We hope to see you then!