Simriz® Perfluoroelastomers

Simriz® is a family of perfluoroelastomer compounds designed to provide superior chemical resistance and thermal stability. Simriz® has the resilience of an elastomer with chemical resistance approaching that of PTFE.

The appeal of Simriz® is in its universal chemical resistance. Each Simriz® compound has additional properties to meet specific application requirements.

Please contact Seal & Design for specific information regarding your Simriz® application.


Chemraz 505 is a universal compound having the broadest range of chemical resistance on the market. Chemraz 505 is ideal for processes taking place in subzero temperatures as well as for use in multi-substance plants or in mixed media.

Seal & Design is a leading distributor for the Chemraz product line, and has had many successes solving customer issues with other competitive perfluoroelastomers.

New Teflon Encapsulated O-Ring Page

teflon encapsulated o-ringSeal & Design has updated it’s Teflon encapsulated o-ring page, and included a Adobe PDF link giving you the different options for core and jacket materials.  Teflon Encapsulated O-rings combine the qualities of Teflon (PFA/FEP) with Viton® or Silicone rubber. They have an outer jacket of teflon protecting the resilient core from virtually all chemicals.

The rubber core is totally encapsulated by Teflon (PFA/FEP) and this unique combination enables encapsulated o-rings to give maximum protection against leaks in a wide range of sealing applications. Teflon (PFA/FEP) has always been recognized as an ideal, chemically resistant, sealing material but it lacks elasticity. The Viton® or Silicone rubber core provides this missing element of memory, together with exceptionally good resistance to compression set, even at high temperatures.

FFKM – Chemraz, Simriz, Perlast, Kalrez update complete

Seal & Design has completed its update for our Perfluoroelastomer pages, and now has the most complete material reference available for Chemraz, Simriz, Perlast, and Kalrez o-rings. We have Adobe PDFs available for each compound, making it easier to compare physical properties of the elastomers.

Please contact the Seal & Design inside sales team, for information on pricing, and availability on your Chemraz, Simriz, Perlast, Kalrez, or any other seal application you may have.

Seal & Design Offers Molded O-Ring Sheet

o-ring sheetsSeal & Design recently worked with a coupling manufacturer to develop a molded o-ring sheet.  The sheet contains all the o-rings needed for a particular coupling. This eliminates the need for our customer to pull multiple o-rings, and now they have all the o-rings in one product.

We were able to mold this in both Viton® and Buna in several durometers, and have a different colors to identify the material and hardness. This has eliminated errors in pulling the wrong o-ring, and greatly reduced the time to pull materials for work orders. We can supply for Buna o-rings, Viton® o-rings, or any elastomer material above 60 durometer.

Contact Seal & Design if you would like additional information.

White FDA Viton O-Rings

Viton-FDA-o-ringSeal & Design has added a white FDA viton compound to its viton o-ring page. This o-ring material is listed as being acceptable for repeated use in contact with food.  Our Viton o-ring page lists this as well as the most common o-ring materials we supply.

Seal & Design can develop custom Viton o-ring compounds based on your specific application.  Viton o-rings can be made in unique colors, special durometers, various internal lubrications, and several fluorine content levels based on the required chemical compatibility.

Even if Viton doesn’t suite your application, we have a host of other o-ring compounds that can be put to use. Whatever your application, Seal & Design can provide the right o-ring for the job.

Contact Seal & Design with any specific requirements for your Viton o-ring applications.