Armacell MONARCH & ENSOLITE Materials

Seal & Design is an authorized Armacell distributor and has the ability to fabricate Armacell MONARCH & ENSOLITE closed cell sponge into sheets on our electronically controlled splitting machine. From these sheets, a variety of gasket, sealing, and cushioning products are manufactured. Some of the more popular styles are Monarch 5021 & 5022 and also the Ensolite GIC, IR42, & IV3, plus the full line of Armacell sponge and elastomeric foam products.

We also can apply pressure sensitive adhesives to these closed cell materials, making them even more versatile. Controlled compression and recovery characteristics along with shock absorption attributes provide a highly flexible material with the ability to fill in voids in many application.

2D Barcoding Capabilities

2d-bar-codesSeal & Design recently added customized 2D barcoding labeling options to meet a vendor’s specific packaging needs. The barcode on the right there is an example of a 2D barcode that you can actually scan.

If you need customized labeling solutions for your gaskets, orings, seals, or molded rubber we can work with you and provide a variety of labeling solutions.

Check out our full website, or give us a call at (716) 759-3344 and ask how we can help your business with customized labels for your parts.

Lockheed Martin Quality Audit

Lockheed Martin
Seal & Design has successfully passed a quality audit from Lockheed Martin, a leading global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company with worldwide interests.  Taken from the audit notes: “Seal & Design is an exceptional supplier. They meet all of the requirements of Lockheed Martin Supplier Quality Systems for Build to Print Suppliers…”.

Custom Extrusion with PSA

foam extrusion before afterDo you have a custom extrusion that need to have Pressure Sensitive Adhesive applied to it? We can offer a solution here are Seal & Design Inc. We have the ability to apply PSA to a variety of different profiles. These profiles can include common extrusions like door and bulb seals.

We can also supply custom profiles, all in a variety of different materials such as neoprene or EPDM sponge.

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