Simriz FFKM

Simriz FFKM

With Simriz® Perfluorelastomers,  Process Seals offers the processing industry the High-End solution in materials technology for sophisticated applications regarding media and temperature stability.

Simriz® features wide chemical stability, similar to that of PTFE, combined with the rubbery properties of an elastomer. Specially for the processing industry, Simriz® makes a complete product range of high class FFKM material available which set new standards regarding operational safety and durability. Apart from the Simriz® compounds for standard and high temperature applications, FDA and USP Class VI compliant versions are available which are optimally designed for use in food and beverage and pharmaceutical production.

General properties:

  • Universal stability like PTFE with the elastic advantages of an elastomer
  • High reliability for static and dynamic applications
  • Extremely high stability in aggressive media
  • Highly stable when used in polar and non-polar media, even at high concentration and temperature
  • Temperature range from -10 °C to +325 °C (Special types)
  • Reliable properties even with frequent temperature changes

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