Klinger ML-N562 Low Bolt-load Gasket

Seal & Design now offers Klinger ML-N562.  This material is a synthetic fiber and nitrile butadiene gasket material designed for difficult sealing applications with very low flange pressures or very rough surface finishes. It combines Multi-Layer Technology structure for exceptional low flange pressure sealability and exceptional torque retention together with a more compressible core. Multi-Layer Technology sheet products consist of a reinforced high density core with conformable sealing layers on each side.

Klinger ML-N562 provides heat and chemical resistance in coolant, lubricant, and hot air applications. Typical applications include automotive, marine, and small engine applications with intermittent operating temperatures up to 500° F (260° C). Please contact Seal & Design for additional information on this and all other Klinger products.

Kitting & Packaging Services

Seal and Design offers a host of different kitting and packaging options for your possible needs. Everything from simply bagging and tagging o-rings and seals, to custom labeling and printing instruction, MSDS, BOM and content sheets. We can even package die cut gaskets in quantities and specialized boxes that fit your needs.

Seal and Design can also offer color coded orings by material. For instance, in order to keep your Viton and Buna orings separated on your production floor – we can dot one green and one yellow, allowing you to differentiate the compounds that are both black in color.

For more information please contact us at gasket@sealanddesign.com

New Territory Sales Manager

Seal & Design Inc. would like to announce the addition of Don Sweigert as new territory manager for the Southern Ohio and Midwest area. Don was the Nation Sales Manager for Foam Seal and most recently a territory manager for Gasko in Cleveland Ohio, and has 20 years of die-cut sales.  He brings a great deal of  good experience and should be a excellent addition to our company.

You can contact Don at DSweigert@SealAndDesign.com   Welcome to our award winning team Don!


Simriz® Perfluoroelastomers

Simriz® is a family of perfluoroelastomer compounds designed to provide superior chemical resistance and thermal stability. Simriz® has the resilience of an elastomer with chemical resistance approaching that of PTFE.

The appeal of Simriz® is in its universal chemical resistance. Each Simriz® compound has additional properties to meet specific application requirements.

Please contact Seal & Design for specific information regarding your Simriz® application.

LTP Locking T-seal

Seal & Design has been working with several hydraulic equipment manufacturers in implementing the LTP locking T-seal.  The advantage of having the T-seal backup device lock into the elastomer seal, is a tremendous costing saving during installation, and significantly reduces any damage to the back-up rings during assembly.

Locking T Piston Seals are designed for bi-directional pressure applications and specifically for compression type dynamic sealing.  The backup rings, are typically made from nylon, Teflon, or Peek (for extremely high pressures), and standard elastomer material are Nitrile (Buna-N) and Viton.


Chemraz 505 is a universal compound having the broadest range of chemical resistance on the market. Chemraz 505 is ideal for processes taking place in subzero temperatures as well as for use in multi-substance plants or in mixed media.

Seal & Design is a leading distributor for the Chemraz product line, and has had many successes solving customer issues with other competitive perfluoroelastomers.